Episode 17: Velaikkaaran

In a return to the true mainstream, we talk about the December 2017 Mohan Raja – Sivakarthikeyan – Fahadh starrer Velaikkaaran. We had a rather wide, ranging discussion about the movie as well as the meta movie within it. A film that really suffers from excess but is redeemed really by its inventiveness and the occasional sparkling dialog. A lovely article by Amartya Sen on what Marx means (or should mean) today. Music for the pod from here. Continue reading Episode 17: Velaikkaaran

Episode 16: Interview with K – Annayum Rasoolum – Part 2

In this episode we talk to the music director of Annayum Rasoolum, his use of session musicians, the VGP recording theater in Chennai, #self , and end up “fanboy”ing both Rajeev Ravi and Manikandan. Big thanks to K for making time for us! Links to the music we discuss in the episode below: Lead in/Fade out music: Vazhivakkil from Annayum Rasoolum Kammattippaadam album on iTunes and Spotify 108 Thenga from Aandavan Kattalai Vikram Vivekanandh and Greyshack Raga Saga by The Madras String Quartet Continue reading Episode 16: Interview with K – Annayum Rasoolum – Part 2

Episode 11: Ondu Motteya Kathe

Still in the post-Valentine hangover the cabal decides to go over the 2017 Kannada rom-com Ondu Motteya Kathe. We dive into the disparities of self-valuation vs. 3rd party valuation and the range responses the arranged marriage systems creates as a result.All in all this is a #GRCA certified podcast. Music, of course, sponsored by the great Rajkumar. (listen to the pod to find out why) Continue reading Episode 11: Ondu Motteya Kathe

Episode 10: (Valentine’s Special) Arjun Reddy

The Cabal addresses two primary criticisms leveled at podcasts – just a bunch of guys letting their friends speak for too long – by inviting some special guests to talk about Arjun Reddy; one of the most polarizing Telugu films of 2017. Much thanks to our special guests Krupa , Ranjani and Ideallaedi! Music from Sethu, as a precursor to Bala’s slated remake of Arjun Reddy. Continue reading Episode 10: (Valentine’s Special) Arjun Reddy

Episode 9: Thondimuthalum Dhriksaakshiyum

  The Lewd Cabal discuss Dileesh Pothen and Shyam Pushkaran’s 2017 stunner Thondimuthalum Dhriksaakshiyum. We arrive at some reasons why these ‘slices of life’ are hard to execute and potentially hide away interpretations from all viewers. Also covered is the near-perfect marrying of form and function across all of the technical aspects of the film. Music from this other perfect marriage of sound and visuals. Continue reading Episode 9: Thondimuthalum Dhriksaakshiyum

Episode 8: Anukokunda Oka Roju

This week, the cabal tackles a film we had some trouble classifying; in the end we decided Anukokunda Oka Roju is either a “suspenseful comedy” or “just a comedy. Despite the genre issues, we all thought the film was worth a watch and employed interesting storytelling techniques. The film can be viewed with subtitles on Youtube here and in HD without subtitles here. The music is from this epitome of instrumental fusion. Continue reading Episode 8: Anukokunda Oka Roju