Episode 13: Muramba

Pickled sweet discussion on a lovely Marathi film. While being comfortably close to home the cabal also discusses the need to point out why such films represent a specific type of life.

Music from this sweet number.


  1. Hey Guys! This is Varun Narvekar; writer and director of Muramba. I loved your detailed podcast of Muramba. I wish I could have been there to participate in your discussion. I am happy that you liked the film and also you understood the different aspects of a relationship I wanted to address. Pleasure to listen to you all. You guys made my day. Love.

    1. Varun,
      Thank you so much for listening and the kind words. And congratulations on making a fantastic film! We’d love to have you on the pod to talk about your creative process, how Muramba came about, and about your plans going forward.

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